Quick Facts

Current city: New York, NY

I just learned how to ride a bike in June 2011!

I couldn't hold chopsticks correctly until six years ago.

I was scared of heights until I decided to go sky-diving.

I collect salt and pepper shakers.


My friends always ask me for recommendations for restaurants no matter what city they’re in—New York, Los Angeles, Taipei, New Orleans. I figured it was about time that I created my own food blog… and from that stemmed this website. Don't expect drawn out food reviews here with descriptions like "a silken grilled Caesar salad, with melting hearts of romaine"—read the New York Times if that's what you're looking for. I try to keep it brief and to the point; basically, I write what I would want to read about a restaurant: Is it worth trying? What should I order? What should I avoid? Plain and simple. Sometimes my own recipes will get mixed in with these reviews.

Food makes me happy, but so does traveling and good design, so you’ll find them both here too. And while it may seem like food is the reason why this site is called imstillhungry.com, it's not. The idea comes from a speech Steve Jobs gave a few years ago. Feel free to read it here.

This site will always be a work in progress, so feel free to share your thoughts with me on the contact page.

Have fun reading.